Hear What Are Sellers Are Saying About Us

It’s important that sellers have a great experience with Ranger TX Solutions. We take pride in helping people and treating clients like they are family.

Have a look at some of our real seller experiences. Hear what our sellers are saying about us. Our goal is an easy and hassle free selling process. We hope it shows, with every new seller we meet.

Joyce’s husband had a reverse mortgage from before they married. Now the lender was foreclosing because her husband had passed away. Joyce was panicked. Sue came through for her.

Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure

LaTonya was getting the run-around from her lender. Her foreclosure was days away. We met at her house, got her payoff and purchased her home a few days later. Let her tell you how it went:

LaTonya: Foreclosure Avoided!

Tammie was faced with a complex situation involving a deceased relative’s house and many heirs. She also had an immediate need to sell the inherited house. That’s where we stepped in to give her a fair price and get all the necessary paperwork going:

Tammie: Heirship Issues Solved!

What Others Are Saying About Us

We had a rental that we no longer wanted to manage from out of town. Sue made us a good offer and we were able to skip listing with an agent entirely.  Robert A., San Diego, CA

My sisters and I inherited a house that was vacant and boarded up for years. We figured it wasn’t worth trying to sell. Glad we called! RangerTxSolutions.com worked through all the issues and all of us heirs made cash.  Natalie G., Arlington, TX

The price was fair and the closing was quick. It was a surprisingly easy and pleasant experience!    Jackie F.,  Plano, TX

Want to share your own experience with us? Let us know what working with RangerTxSolutions.com has been like for you.