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My name is Sue Ranger. My team at Ranger Texas Solutions helps sellers in all situations, including those facing foreclosure, divorce, or relocation. We help people with vacant or inherited houses.  My team and I work with landlords tired of dealing with tenants, good folks who have lost their job or had medical problems and can’t afford payments, and people who owe more on their house than it’s worth. We have years of experience working with sellers in all these situations. If you want to sell your house fast in DFW (or on your timetable), we are here to help you.

I believe that everyone:

  • Deserves fair and honest treatment.
  • Should be given options to put cash in their pocket, right away.
  • Should be able to sell without paying extra for Realtor fees, closing fees, etc.
  • Should be offered a hassle-free way to end the headaches their house is giving them.

By selling with us, you don’t have to fix up the house, keep it clean, show it to countless buyers or  wait for your buyer’s loan to be approved. If you’re a landlord, you don’t have to worry about or evict bad tenants.

Even if you’re only considering selling, fill out the quick form below. Or give us a call or text* right now for a cash offer today. 972-433-0443 or 817-435-2527  Press 1 for English. Marque 2 para hablar en Español. 

Who is Ranger Texas Solutions?

Ranger Texas Solutions is a highly experienced home buying teamfocused on helping people sell their house fast, with no run-around, no empty promises and never any fees. We work with transparency and integrity throughout the entire experience.

We can help you sell your house fast, regardless of the condition or what you’re up against.

We have our own cash and give cash offers. This allows us to close right away. There’s no lengthy loan approval process. We typically make you an offer on the spot.  And, we have a strict no-pressure policy: There’s no obligation – ever.

Hear what sellers are saying!

Adam & Chris were on the brink of losing their home after Covid Forbearance.  Sue gave them a fair price and a long rental period, which allowed them to get back on their feet.

Foreclosure After Forbearance

Joyce’s husband had a reverse mortgage when they married. When her husband passed, the lender started the foreclosure process. Joyce called Sue.

Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure

Leia had been paying regularly, but after a divorce and taking her mom in, money became tight. Foreclosure was approaching, so she called Sue and to help.

Foreclosure Stopped! How we helped Leia sell- fast!

Reva was working with another homebuyer who promised her lots of money. After months, he never came through. When that deal fell apart, she turned to Sue and, thanks to a family referral. Sue was able to pay Reva a fair price, help with the heirship paperwork and buy the house quickly.

We Helped Reva Sell- Fast!


LaTonya was getting the run around from her lender. Foreclosure was days away. Sue met her at her house, got her payoff processing and purchased her home a few days later.

Seller in Foreclosure Describes how Helped!

We interact with professionalism and understanding.

Whether you are in the midst of probate matters, experiencing tenant nightmares, have a reverse mortgage and need an all-cash buyer, owe more than your house is worth, have an unwanted vacant house on your hands, decided you want to get out from under your mortgage payments, or you’re trying to avoid foreclosure, we can help make the sales process smooth and hassle-free. There are many value-adds, depending on your circumstance.

Call Us Now at 972-433-0443 or 817-435-2527 or fill out the quick form below to get started. Press 1 for English. Marque 2 para hablar en Español.

And, if you are in foreclosure, the most urgent selling situation, know that selling to us stops the foreclosure!

When you sell to us, your house will no longer be sold at auction. Your credit will be spared the worst of all credit hits: foreclosure. The end result of our buying the house? Your loan is paid off in the sales transaction before the foreclosure. You walk away with your check.

Do you have roadblocks to your selling, like complicated inheritance issues or ex-spouse situations? We will help you – even if other people have told you there’s no solution to your problems.  

Do you have legal roadblocks to your selling, like complicated inheritance issues or ex-spouse situations? We will help you – even if other people have told you there’s no solution to your problems.  Tammie had a complex inheritance situation and an immediate need to sell her house.

Inherited House with Fast Close

 Call Us Now at 972-433-0443 or 817-435-2527! Press 1 for English. Marque 2 para hablar en Español.      Or fill out the quick form below to get started.

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